4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles – Real Time Location Monitor, Anti-Theft/Tamper Alerts, Long Standby Time, Magnetic Mount, Free Tracking Platform – Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats.

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Product Description

safety trackingsafety tracking

GPS fleet management system is a fleet management system based on global positioning system technology, which aims to realize real-time monitoring, scheduling and management of fleets. The system can obtain information such as vehicle position and speed in real time through GPS equipment, realize real-time monitoring and management of the fleet, and can perform vehicle scheduling and route planning according to factors such as road conditions and vehicle status.

GPS fleet management system can help enterprises achieve the following goals:

1. Improve the work efficiency of the fleet: By monitoring the location and status of vehicles in real time, managers can arrange the optimal route and dispatch vehicles according to the actual situation, avoid congestion and route conflicts, and improve the work efficiency of the fleet.

2. Reduce enterprise costs: Through real-time tracking and management of vehicles, it can effectively reduce vehicle maintenance costs, fuel consumption costs, and labor costs.

3. Improve customer efficiency: Through the GPS fleet management system, enterprises can understand the location and operation status of vehicles in real time, handle customer complaints and abnormal situations in a timely manner, and improve customer efficiency.

In short, GPS fleet management system is an efficient and accurate fleet management tool that can help enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency , and is an indispensable and important tool for modern enterprises.

great gpsgreat gps

GPS locators can be used for the elderly, children, logistics and cars.

1. For the elderly and children, GPS trackers can help guardians keep track of their location information and ensure their safety. Especially for the elderly with dementia and other diseases, the GPS tracker can remind family members or nursing staff in time.

2. For logistics, GPS locators can help companies track the status of cargo transportation in real time, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce logistics costs.

3. For cars, GPS trackers can realize remote monitoring of vehicles, including vehicle driving routes, historical tracks, vehicle status and other information, which is helpful for vehicle maintenance and safety management, and can also help car owners avoid vehicle theft or track vehicle location.

how to usehow to use



STEP 1. – Activate Sim

Buy a local SIM card with 4G(LTE) network function and Install the new sim card into your mobile phone and activate the sim card and remove SIM card’s PIN code. Make sure it can make a call, send a text and has an internet connection. Once this is confirmed, insert SIM to your tracker.

STEP 2. – Turn on the tracker

Charge it about 6 hour first.The yellow and blue indicator lights will start flashing while it searches for a network and GPS.

Please wait 5 minutes in a good reception area (by a window or outside) for both lights to come on constantly. It will continue to be Always on yellow if it can not find a network. Move it to another location.

Please note, when the device has a GPS signal it will get a GPS location. If not it will get its location using LBS.

STEP 3. – Setting APN for the tracker

(1) You need to know your tracker’s SIM card’s APN (You can ask your SIM card provider); (2) Please note the following operations need From another phone number send text messages command to the tracker’s sim card’s phone number to set tracker’s APN.

For example:

APN is: mobilenet ,APN username is: — ;APN password is: —

(1) If your SIM card’s APN without username and password, then send text command(APN123456+space+APN) to the tracker, it will reply “SET OK”.

Text command is: APN123456 MOBILENET — — (2) If your APN with username and password:

Then sned text Command(APN123456+Space+ APN+space+ APN user+Space+ APN pass) to the tracker : APN123456 MOBILENET

Please note: Different SIM card has difference APN. Please apply the above formula according to your actual APN to set up your machine


Starker Magnet und einfache InstallationStarker Magnet und einfache Installation

You will know how they are drivingYou will know how they are driving

Fence alarm

Set up a geofence for the tracker to restrict its movements within a district.the unit will give you an alarm when you enter or leave the district.

You can set this geofence where you park your vehicle frequently, add the electronic fence and choose the radius you want.

You can choose the radius of this area,100 m-500 m

You can confirm that the center location of the geofence set is correct. After setting up the electronic fence, you clicked Save.

Starker Magnet und einfache Installation

Strong Magnetic makes it easy to install the device in anything metal.

History Route Playback

Using our tracking platform provides history reports mapping all past locations, speed, addresses with dates and times via Web / App anytime and anywhere. gps tracking platform updates every 30 seconds gives you a real-time view of what happened for anytime




Powerful App

You will love our App. It is simple and reliable. Our GPS Tracking App is super easy to use. It is straight forward and no nonsense. Customize your alerts and notifications

Create Alerts, Geofences (when the tracker leaves or enters a pre-defined area) and Driving Reports all from within the App itself. Available for IPhone and Android Phones.

Remotely voice Monitor

If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or your family, it is recommended that you seek legal solutions. For example, install security equipment, buy a GPS TRACKER, strengthen personal protection, and so on.

30 days Battery Life

The tracker battery life is expected to last up to 20days when reporting frequency is set to 5 minute. If the reporting frequency is lowered, the battery will not last as long. If the reporting frequency is raised, the battery life will last longer. The tracker will send you a low battery alert giving you plenty of time to retrieve the tracker and charge it back to 100%.


STEP 4. – Setting GPRS mode

Send text command to the device to set GPRS mode: gprs123456

Then wait about 30sec, both blue and orange light should stay ON which mean you can now login to web or app to check if tracker active. (Username is your tracker’s ID number that write on the product, password: 123456)

If you set ok of all, you can track it online. If it online but show China location, then take it to the outside which signal good place to get GPRS signal, when it get signal, will update your location.

If the device is not online, please check device setting, send: check123456 to device,

It will reply the setting you can check in reply:

1. The APN if is correct;

2. The IP and Port if is correct(IP and port are write in the usermanual,you can check if same as reply)

3. The device working model, (GPRS model)


Strong magnetic installation free

strong magnet

The strong magnetic GPS tracker without installation has unique advantages and is more convenient to use and store. These products are usually equipped with a strong magnetic back clip, which can be attached to any metal corner in the car, no installation required, can be used and stored anytime, anywhere. This can not only bring users more convenience, but also effectively protect the car from damage. Therefore, highly magnetic, built-in free products are gaining popularity among consumers in the automotive market.

➤REAL TIME GPS TRACKING, MOTION & TILT ALERTS: The YangDiana 4G GPS Tracker is a reliable and powerful device that provides real-time GPS tracking, motion alerts, and tilt alerts for enhanced security and peace of mind.
➤PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS — Standalone & discreet micro gps tracker, easy to conceal. 4G gps tracker monitoring offers you peace of mind. Personal tracking device for seniors, teens, kids, loved ones.

➤EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: Car tracking device to use with smartphone. Location updates every 30 seconds, 2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. Rechargeable in 90 minutes. Portable and easily hidden.

➤Track & map (with Google Maps) in realtime on web-based software or App
➤Geofencing | Vehicle Tracking | Location Reporting | Historical Playback

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4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles – Real Time Location Monitor, Anti-Theft/Tamper Alerts, Long Standby Time, Magnetic Mount, Free Tracking Platform – Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats.
4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles – Real Time Location Monitor, Anti-Theft/Tamper Alerts, Long Standby Time, Magnetic Mount, Free Tracking Platform – Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats.


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