Android TV Box 12.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Dual-Band WiFi 6 Android Box 2023 with H618 Chipset Support 4K 6K HDR10 BT5.0 USB 2.0 with Mini Backlit Keyboard

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Product Description

android tv box 2023android tv box 2023

Transpeed focuses on Android boxes, striving to provide the best performance TV boxes for you to enjoy a high-definition home theatre experience. The latest addition to our store is the H618 TV box, which was launched in 2023.


1. APP installation -The TV box supports the installation of Android apps from the App Store, APK Pure, Aptoide, apkmirror, and Aptoide TV. If a downloaded app doesn’t work,

a> Please go to the “Settings” menu on your device, locate the “Apps” option, and find the app in the list of installed apps. Select the app and navigate to the “Model” section. Choose the “Normal” setting and save the changes. Test the app to see if it functions properly.

b> If the problem persists, you may have downloaded the wrong version. In that case, you can try downloading the app from one of the other mentioned app stores. Additionally, you can get in touch with Transpeed for assistance.

If Nflx cannot be navigated using the remote, please contact Transpeed to download another APK.

2. The screen display ratio is not correct, adjust the screen ratio – Access the settings menu —-“Device Preferences”

—“Display & Sound” — “Advanced Display Settings” option—“Screen Percentage” and adjust it accordingly to fit your screen.

3. SOME APPS CANNOT BE NAVIGATED WITH REMOTE CONTROL – Some apps (such as Netf.x) are designed to be used on touchscreen devices such as tablets and cell phones. In this case, use the mini keyboard or mouse to navigate. You can also have touch with us for a version that can be operated directly by remote control.

4. Fixing bugs – You can fix bugs by upgrading the TV box online via FOTA (My apps – FOTA Update) or restoring it to factory settings.

5. Keyboard issues – If your keyboard does not work, and the third indicator light is always yellow, try repairing the code for it. Press FN first, do not release, and then press FN+F1 together. After the blue LED light flash, release the keys and insert the USB receiver. When the blue LED light stops flashing, this means the repair code was successful. If the QWERTY and QWERTZ layouts are reversed, access Settings – Device Performance – Keyboard and Autofill – Android Keyboard (AOSP) Settings – Language – select English, and after returning to the system, you will be able to use the English keyboard.

6. Turn on/off/switch background lighting: FN+F2

7. Automatic start – If the TV box starts up automatically after a certain period of time, please do the latest FOA upgrade under the seller’s guidance. After updating the TV box to version 0214 and turning off the simplink function (LG TV needs to be turned off), the TV box stops restarting.

8.If the screen is stuck on the boot LOGO page and you can’t access the system, you can text us for getting a firmware fix.

9. Connection issues – You cannot connect to wifi and use an ethernet cable at the same time. If you use wifi, take off the ethernet cable. Alternatively. and pls restore the TV box to factory settings in settings.

android boxandroid box

Advanced wifi6 technology

The Android 12 TV box features advanced WiFi 6 technology, which is the next generation of the IEEE 802.11ax wireless standard. It is 40% faster than WiFi 5 (802.11ac) and boasts a theoretical speed of 9.6 Gbps. Thanks to this technology, users can enjoy smooth 4K or 8K movie streaming at home.

WiFi 6 builds upon and improves previous Wi-Fi generations, offering faster data transfer and lower latency for more responsive applications, as well as enhanced security and performance.

Moreover, WiFi 6 supports Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), which provides stronger 192-bit encryption to ensure consistent protection against anti-authentication and disassociation attacks.

The Target Wake Time (TWT) feature is another benefit of WiFi 6. It wakes up devices only when needed to connect to the router, which helps to extend the device’s battery life.

android tv box 2023android tv box 2023

Hardware Specification

CPU: H618 @1.5GHZ Quad Core ARM Cortex A53GPU: Mali G31 MP2

Main Features

OS: Android 12.0DDR/eMMC: 4GB/64GBEthernet: 100MWireless tech: WiFi 6 2.4G 5.8G ( compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and BT 5.0Supports: H.265/H.264, HDMI 2.0a for 4k@60Hz, 2* USB 2.0, and 128GB TF cardVideo output:1080P 4K and 6K

android box 4kandroid box 4k

tv box android 2022tv box android 2022

android tv box 12.0android tv box 12.0

tv box android 2023tv box android 2023


Bluetooth 5.0 allows Bluetooth devices such as speakers, wireless keyboards, game controllers, etc. to connect to the TV box, which can bring a better experience for you.

OTA tech

With the OTA technology, tv box can receive updates seamlessly and automatically. These updates can improve the features and functionality of the box, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, OTA updates can effectively address any bugs or issues, resulting in a more reliable and high-performing tv box.

Backlit Keyboard

With a wireless backlit keyboard, users can easily navigate and select options on the tv box interface. This allows for faster and more efficient browsing of content.

The backlit feature of the keyboard ensures that users can comfortably and accurately type in low-light conditions.

screen casting

You can use the screen mirroring function by airplay, miracast, DLAN.

Just need to connect your device to the same wifi as the tv box and chose ID.

android box 4kandroid box 4k

operating system
The latest Android 12.0 The latest Android 12.0 Android 10.0 The latest Android 12.0 The latest Android 12.0

H618 H618 H616 H618 H618

Mail-G31 Mail-G31 Mail-G31 Mail-G31 Mail-G31

WiFi 6 (2.4G&5.8G) WiFi 6 (2.4G&5.8G) WiFi 6 (2.4G&5.8G) WiFi 6 (2.4G&5.8G) WiFi (2.4G&5.8G)

BT5.0 BT5.0 BT4.1 BT5.0 BT5.0

2*USB 2.0 2*USB 2.0 2*USB 2.0 2*USB 2.0 2*USB 2.0

Ethernet LAN
100 M 100 M 100 M 100 M 100 M

OTA function

6K + 8K 3D 6K + 8K 3D 6K + 8K 3D 6K + 8K 3D 6K + 8K 3D

Backlit keyboard

Fast WiFi 6 Connection: Android TV box 2023 adopts the wireless standard 802.11ax technology with a theoretical speed of 9.6Gpbs, which is 40% faster than WiFi5 (802.11ac), allowing you to enjoy Ultra HD movies smoothly at home.
Immersive Viewing Experience: With 3D+6K & HDR10 & BT5.0 technologies, android box supports 4K@60fps and 6K@30fps, 3D function, and provides realistic color reproduction and detail in the picture, while BT5.0 allows you to connect a wireless keyboard, mouse, and BT speakers for added convenience.
Large Storage and Easy Update: The TV box comes with an upgraded 64GB high-speed flash memory that provides a stable and smooth interface for daily use. You can expand the memory with an additional 1TB HDD, 128GB SD card, or TF card. The online download technology also allows for automatic updates through the network, improving the user experience.
Easy to Set Up and Use: TV box is easy to use – just connect the HD cable and power supply. The included mini keyboard features 92 hotkeys and a sensitive touchpad, making it more convenient to use. The box also supports screen casting. The package includes everything you need, including the TV box, IR remote control, mini keyboard, HD cable, user manual, and US power supply.

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Android TV Box 12.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Dual-Band WiFi 6 Android Box 2023 with H618 Chipset Support 4K 6K HDR10 BT5.0 USB 2.0 with Mini Backlit Keyboard
Android TV Box 12.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Dual-Band WiFi 6 Android Box 2023 with H618 Chipset Support 4K 6K HDR10 BT5.0 USB 2.0 with Mini Backlit Keyboard


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