Wireless HDMI- One Transmitter and Two Receivers, Wirelessly Simultaneous Expansion of Multiple Televisions- 50M/165FT 5.8G/2.4G @60Hz, Plug and Play- G9R Streaming Extender Kit for PC/Laptop/TVs


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Product Description


wireless hdmi extenderwireless hdmi extender

Expand Simultaneous Streaming to Multiple TVs

Experience seamless high-definition content streaming with the G9R Wireless HDMI Adapter,transforming any space into a cutting-edge multimedia hub.

Expand Multi-Display: Effortlessly stream smooth video and audio up to 4 RXs displays simultaneously, covering an extensive transmission range of up to 165ft/50m. Easily purchase additional RXs at ASIN: B0CKHSRC3W.Plug-and-Play Convenience: with a pre-paired transmitter and receiver, ensuring a hassle-free setup in seconds—no apps, drivers, software, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections are required.Portable Design for Versatile Use: Our G9R Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver boast a portable design 2.95×0.59inch, enabling streaming convenience anytime, anywhere. Perfect for Mobile Users or Events-No Wi-Fi connection is required.@60Hz High Screen Refresh Rate: Enjoy seamless 1080P@60Hz video w/ G9R, fueled by a powerful 5GHz chip. With a direct HDMI connection, experience low-latency, tear-free video, free from compression or artifacts, ensuring top-quality visuals and synchronized audio.5.8G/2.4GHz Dual-Band, Ultra-Low 0.1s Latency: Transmit seamlessly up to 165FT/50M, even through walls or ceilings -spanning distances of 33-100 FT (Up to 30 meters).RScreen App (Android or iOS) -Wireless Mirror Laptop-to-Phones, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones or Tablets! Enjoy streamlined mobility by transforming your mobile device into a convenient secondary screen, accessing vital information effortlessly.MINI/MICRO HDMI : Offers free Mini and Micro HDMI adapters for wider device compatibility.

G9R Wireless HDMI Splitter device removes the hassle of messy cables, allowing for a more convenient and comfortable display setup, especially during events like the World Cup or NBA games.

Elevating Your Streaming Experience!

wireless   hdmi dongle for projector and amplifierwireless   hdmi dongle for projector and amplifier

Effortless Installation Steps:

To ensure correct connection, TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) are marked on the surface of the product. TX- is connected to the laptop and RX- is connected to the displayTo ensure a stable signal, emphasize connecting the receiver first before the transmitter: Connect the receiver first to ensure a stable signal, and then connect the transmitter later.Smartphones and tablets do not need a plug-in, they can be paired with a Wifi connection. (The exact steps can be found below: Instructions for connecting smartphones and tablets)

Simplified installation steps

Step 1: Plug the transmitter into your device’s HDMI port (Laptop, PC, satellite box, game console, DSLR camera) Step 2: Connect the receiver to the desired screen via HDMI (need to prepare a Type-C cable and 5V/2A charger for the receiver), then press the play button. The solution to the overclocking prompt on the connected receiver’s screen.

Wide Device Compatibility:

Output Devices- Laptop,Personal Computer (PC),DSLR Camera,Gaming Console (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation),TV Box,Cable Box,Blu-ray/DVD Player,Media Streaming Devices (e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast),Set-Top Boxes (e.g., cable or satellite boxes,Mobile Devices (with HDMI output capabilities, if applicable)Display Devices- HDTVs, Projectors, TVs, Monitors, Advertising Machines, Conference Screens, and Televisions;Mobile Display Devices- Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, and Android Phones;

Enhance Multi-Screen Streaming Capability

wireless hdmi to multiple tvswireless hdmi to multiple tvs

RScreen App – Wireless Mirror Laptop to Phone, iPad, Tablet!

Unlock Seamless Screen Extension

YAOMAISI G9R HDMI transmitter and receiver introduces the RScreen app, revolutionizing screen extension by wirelessly transmitting HDMI output devices, such as laptops, directly to your mobile devices. Transform your phone or tablet into a secondary screen effortlessly.

Key Features:

Streamlined Mobility: Enjoy the flexibility of monitoring camera shots or checking details on your iPad or iPhone without the hassle of bulky displays or cables. Your mobile device becomes a convenient second screen.Effortless Connectivity: With the RScreen app, wirelessly mirror your laptop screen to your mobile device, ensuring easy access to crucial information anytime, anywhere.Enhanced Convenience: Perfect for professionals on the move or anyone seeking a portable and versatile solution for screen extension needs.Experience the freedom of a second screen on your mobile device with the RScreen app—a practical and efficient solution for seamless screen mirroring.

Note: YAOMAISI’s G9R wireless HDMI sender and receiver support up to 4 receivers or 4 mobile devices, allowing flexible combinations based on your preferences. To expand your display setup, easily purchase additional RXs at ASIN: B0CKHSRC3W

Mixing Receivers & Phones:1 Transmitter to 1 Receiver & 3 Mobiles1 Transmitter to 4 Receivers1 Transmitter to 4 Mobiles1 Transmitter to 2 Receivers & 2 Mobiles

YAOMAISI’s G9R wireless HDMI adapter Explore various combinations to suit your multi-screen needs for an enhanced viewing experience.

wireless hdmi extender with splitterwireless hdmi extender with splitter

Wireless HDMI Receiver Setup Guide

Effortless Installation in Three Steps

Transmitter Connection: Connect the HDMI and USB C cables to the transmitter. Plug the transmitter into the HDMI output device.Receiver Connection: Connect the HDMI and USB C cables to the receiver. Plug the receiver into the HDMI output device.Start Streaming: Allow 5-8 seconds for initialization. Enjoy seamless streaming without delay.

Experience hassle-free connectivity with our G9R Wireless HDMI Transmiter. Follow these three simple steps for quick and easy setup, enabling instant streaming without any complexity.

Home Entertainment – Dive into seamless streaming experiences, effortlessly enjoying movies, and videos from your laptop, camera, or gaming console on large screens(Up to 4 TVs or projectors)Office Presentations – Perfectly suited for presentations, video conferences, or sharing various content from laptops within meeting rooms and conference areas.Bar/Restaurant – Elevate customer experiences by wirelessly streaming live sports events or entertainment content across Multiple Televisions, eliminating tangled wires.Outdoor Events – Wirelessly projecting content across multiple displays, ideal for open-air gatherings or screenings, providing a seamless solution for event media transmission.School – Ideal for education, seamlessly sharing presentations, lectures, or educational content wirelessly on multiple larger conference screens or projectors. Perfect for classrooms or lecture halls, enhancing the learning experience.Church – Facilitate seamless streaming of presentations and content across multiple monitors, perfect for congregations or gatheringsLive Streaming – Seamlessly broadcast live events or streams across multiple displays.live Streaming (with DSLR Camera) – Effortlessly broadcast live content captured by a DSLR camera across multiple displays. Enhance your live broadcasts with high-quality, professional visuals through seamless wireless transmission.

HDMI Wireless ExtenderHDMI Wireless Extender

RScreen App: Wireless Laptop to Phone Mirroring Guide

Seamless Connectivity in Four Steps

Transmitter Setup: Connect the TX to your HDMI output device and power it up.Mobile Device-Phone/Pad Preparation: Install the RScreen app on your iPhone/iPad/Smartphones/Tablet or other compatible Smart Mobile Device.WiFi Connection: Access your WiFi settings and locate “RScreen-xxx.” Connect to this network using the provided password: “12345678.”App Activation: Open the RScreen app on your iPhone or smartphone to begin syncing.

Effortlessly mirror your laptop screen onto your phone using the RScreen App. Follow these four simple steps for quick and efficient wireless mirroring.

wifi hdmi transmitter and receiverwifi hdmi transmitter and receiver

Multiple Receivers – Up to 4 RX Setup Guide

Establishing Connections in Three Simple Steps

G9R Wirelessly Stream to Multiple TVs enables transmission from the transmitter to multiple receivers.

Receiver Pairing:

· For new receivers- Pair the new receiver with the transmitter again.· Connect the newly paired receiver to a 5V1A charger (separately purchased receivers require re-matching; pre-paired devices are plug and play).

Connection Setup:

· Upon successful pairing, connect each receiver to its respective display.· Insert the transmitter into the HDMI output device to initiate the connection.

Synchronization Process:

· Wait for 5-8 seconds for synchronization.· All successfully paired receivers will synchronize with the screen.

wireless hdmi receiverwireless hdmi receiver

Easily Transmit Immersive Entertainment Wide Device Compatibility Plug-and-Play Simplicity 165FT/50M Extended Range HDCP/ Portable- 2.95×0.59 inches 1920*1080P@60Hz 5.8G/2.4GHz Dual Band RScreen App – Wireless Mirror Laptop-to-Phone/Pad Free Mini/Micro HDMI adapters

G9R Wireless HDMI Extender Kit for Multi-Screen Expansion

G9R resolves the challenge of streaming smooth video and audio across multiple displays -up to 4 RXs at once, spanning a 165ft/50m range. @60Hz High Screen Refresh Rate. 5G/2.4GHz Dual-Band connectivity with minimal 0.1S latency.

Make the leap to cable-free entertainment today and elevate your viewing experience- Easily transform your workspace or entertainment setup without messy wires or cables.

♥.【Plug-and-Play】YAOMAISI G9R HDMI Transmitter & Receiver -Pre-Paired transmitter and receiver, ensuring a hassle-free setup in seconds—no apps, no driver downloads, no software, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections are required.
♥.【Portable Convenience】Our G9R Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver feature a compact design of 2.95×0.59 inches, ensuring convenient streaming on-the-go, ideal for mobile users or events.
♥.【G9R Wireless HDMI】Effortlessly stream your favorite movie or presentation from a Laptop to large-screen displays for crystal-clear viewing. Seamlessly connect across HDMI devices for a hassle-free viewing experience.
♥.【RScreen app】YAOMAISI G9R Wireless HDMI Adapter introduces the RScreen app for seamless laptop-to-phone or tablet mirroring, transforming your mobile device into a convenient secondary screen.
♥.【Long Transmission Range】Experience flawless transmission up to 165FT/50M in an open environment. Even through walls or ceilings with powerful 5G technology -covering a distance of 33-100 FT (Up to 30 meters).
♥.【@60Hz High Screen Refresh Rate】Ultra-Fast Streaming-Experience seamless 1080P@60Hz video with powerful 5GHz chip.With a direct HDMI connection,get top-quality visuals and synchronized audio with minimal delay

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Wireless HDMI- One Transmitter and Two Receivers, Wirelessly Simultaneous Expansion of Multiple Televisions- 50M/165FT 5.8G/2.4G @60Hz, Plug and Play- G9R Streaming Extender Kit for PC/Laptop/TVs
Wireless HDMI- One Transmitter and Two Receivers, Wirelessly Simultaneous Expansion of Multiple Televisions- 50M/165FT 5.8G/2.4G @60Hz, Plug and Play- G9R Streaming Extender Kit for PC/Laptop/TVs


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